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The Gathering Place in Big Flat, AR, Big Flat

Come enjoy some songs and maybe a catfish plate!



ALBUM RELEASE DAY! Available on all platforms!


7/16/24 New single SOMETHING AMISS drops 7/26/24!! Keep an eye out for a new SHINE EYE YELL record Spring 2025! Scott and I have been in the studio for a year working on Buffalo National River Songs, Vol II!


2/27/24 - Excited to announce work has begun on a video for “Our Eclipse!” Should be out sometime in March:) 

Thanks everyone for nominating us for a Arkansas Country Music Award! I hope we make the cut!

Buffalo National River Songs, Vol. II is in the works now and will be released this year, hopefully this summer!


9/19/23 - Scott and I are so excited to have a "horse in the race" this year with the GRAMMY® AWARDS! We have been getting some great feedback from friends all around the world! Thank you to everyone who has listened to Buffalo National River Songs, Vol. 1!

7/22/23 Playing Big Flat tonight at the Gathering Place. I'm exited to play a few new tunes and also to get another plate of their delicious catfish. Really the best around. Today I saw that we had a write up in the Fort Worth Weekly. I'll be creating a new section of the site soon for all the press we've been getting! Thanks again to all the print papers and radio stations that have been supporting SEY! --------------------------

July 2023 --- Scott and I have been hard at work on some new tunes that will be released this fall!


5/1/2023 It's a beautiful day here in the Ozarks! Happy to announce I'll be joining TOMMY LUKE on stage in Conway 5/9 for two sets at Bear's Den Pizza. TL and I were bandmates in the past as part of Vincent Neil Emerson's first band, VNE and the Old Souls. Ah, those were the good ol' days! Check out this link to see us jamming way back before the cows came home:   VNE AND THE Old Souls in DALLAS


4/27/2023 Site updated! Click on the album image above to check out our YOUTUBE playlist!


4/20/2023  I'm so happy to officially announce that as of 4/22/2023 our new album BUFFALO NATIONAL RIVER SONGS VOL. 1 will be released digitally! It may take a few days to populate to all platforms, but we did it! Physical copies will be available by the end of the month, and soon we will have all kinds of merch and stickers for sale with cassettes and vinyl records to follow later this spring/summer/fall.


3/13/2023  Finally updating the site because we have some news! First of all, our official ALBUM RELEASE PARTY #1 will be at Big Springs in St. Joe, AR on April 29th! Please visit our event page on FB for more information.

11/3/22   New Releases coming soon! 

11/1/22    Hey y'all! So we are planning to release a full length record (Buffalo National River Songs, Vol. 1) in the Spring of 2023 ! More info soon!

10/7/22    "Moonshine Mary" and "Milam County, Take Me Home" released!

9/22/22     SOUNDCLOUD site is up!


9/21/22     Stay tuned for more announcements! We will be releasing more singles every two or three weeks for the rest of the year!


9/16/22     Today "The Deserter" should be filtering out to all platforms! Please go give it a listen and let us know what you think!


9/12/22     Our next single drops this Friday, September 16th on all platforms! We are so happy to finally be able to share these songs with you. Stay tuned for more singles, and soon we will also announce the release of our new album Buffalo National River Songs,  Vol. 1.


9/9/22.    The "Ballad of Lizzie Brisco" was inspired by the life of Lizzie Brisco, a midwife from Northern Arkansas who delivered over 1,000 babies and helped countless people in her long life.

"The Deserter" seeks to dignify a kind of person common during the Civil War, namely, a press-ganged young man who had no desire to fight a war he didn't understand. The Confederate army forced many young men from Arkansas to fight for them--over and over these men would escape only to be hunted down and forced to join again, or face the firing squad.